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Claus-Jürgen Möller

The name Moeller is well known in the commuity of the Blues and Boogie Woogie pianists. Hans-Georg Moeller, the Hamburg pianist, has influenced the entire scene by his authentic, extremely expressive Blues and Boogie playing. For his friends Vince Weber, Martin Pyrker and Axel Zwingenberger, he was kind of a musical godfather. Before his untimely death in 1980, he just recorded once, the legendary "Boogie Woogie Session ´76 Live In Vienna", together with Martin Pyrker, Axel and Torsten Zwingenberger and Vince Weber. This LP (later extended reissue on CD and DVD) marked the starting point of the Boogie Woogie revival in Europe. His first Blues at the piano Hans-Georg had learnt from his older brother Claus-Juergen. Claus-Juergen himself played clarinet and since the 1950s co-worked with Abbi Huebner, the charismatic New Orleans Jazz trumpeter. With Abbi’s band "Low Down Wizards" Claus-Juergen hit the European stages for decades. His distictively beautiful, clear tone and his surprising musical ideas made him a popular co-musician in traditional Jazz bands, and his encyclopedial, profound knowledge about Hot Jazz, Swing and early black music a much sought-after conversation partner. Claus-Juergen Moeller passed away in January, 2018.

Claus-Juergen Möller was invited to the stage of The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection 2012 by Gottfried Boettger as surprise guest.

Claus-Juergen Moeller