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Hannes Plagge

For Hannes Plagge, music was always hobby, joy, relaxation and tension at the same moment. Although he was a close friend of all Hamburg pianists of the 1970s and 1980s, he seldomly played in public. But Hannes was one of the first active Boogie Woogie practioners in the Hamburg area. He engaged himself in this music in the 1950s already, and he had a strong Barrelhouse touch in his playing. With lots of enthusiasm he improvised in a completely personal style, from time to time mixing jazzy sounds into his rolling Blues. Within the sessions at the Fabrik, the listeners were fortunate to enjoy him live with his down-to-earth Blues numbers. Even at the TV recording of NDR in 1996 he was present. At this occasion, you could clearly see, how Hannes worked himself into the grand piano, to draw his personal sounds from the instrument. Hannes passed away in 2011 already.

Featured @ The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection: 1996

Video from 1996