Fabrik Kultur- und Kommunikationszentrum

Barnerstr. 36

22765 Hamburg












indoor parking @ Parkhaus VIVO (3 min walk too venue)

Bahrenfelder Straße 260

22765 Hamburg

Parken im Vivo

parking @ VIVO Parkhaus (indoor car park) @ the corner of Bahrenfelder Strasse and Gaussstraße.

The VIVO Mall also houses the "Calumet Photographic" and "LeFit"-gym.

Car entrance @ Gaussstraße. The pedestrian entrance is located next to the gym.


 30 min for €  0,50 during the daytime || from 7 am until midnight max. €  6,00

during the night from midnight until 7 am: €  1,00 flat rate

Exit by car is possible 24/7!

At night you need your ticket to be able to open the door to the pedestrian entrance. The night-entrance is located on to the right hand side of Vivo Mall.

public transport to the venue:

get your personal schedule on:

Mit dem HVV zu uns