Champion Jack Dupree bigWhen Blues legend Champion Jack Dupree settled in Hannover for many years, he became an enormously fruitful inspiration for the entire Blues piano scene in Europe, and particularly for Germany. Axel Zwingenberger (who recorded three CDs with him) toured with him, as well as Danish Blues guitarist Kenn Lending. Many bands invited Jack as a guest star, and upon his return to his hometown New Orleans for the Jazz & Heritage Festival, he was honored and celebrated like a home coming lost son. Jack saw himself as an entertainer who plays piano and sings, actually telling stories of his life by music. The depth and honesty of his music, the touching power of his interpretations, the sudden changes of mood between grief and happiness were unique. He has influenced a whole generation of "new" European Blues musicians. "The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection" regards his performance on 8-8-88 as a highlight in the history of the festival. Jack passed away in Hannover in 1992, aged over 80.

Featured @ The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection: 1988

Champion Jack Dupree

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