boogie house trioThis Hamburg band with Günther Brackmann at the piano, Martin Scheffler at the guitar and nobody else than Henry Heggen (interner Link zur Artist page!) who sings and plays mouth harp. The formation emerged from the band "B Sharp", with joyful playing following the motto: "Have a good time!". Henry’s Blues shouting in Big Joe Turner style, as well as his grand Blues harp playing, marks the sound of the band as well as Günther Brackmann’s virtuoso piano playing. Martin Scheffler inflicts his guitar solos with lots of soul. Mostly the band plays in augmented setting with bass and drums. At The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection, they concentrated on trio format with lots of Boogie, Swing and Rhythm And Blues.

Guest @ The Hamburg Boogie Woogie Connection: 2013

Boogie House Trio

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